About Shugart Homes

Founded in 1966

Shugart Homes grew to one of the Triad’s largest family-owned and operated home builders. A committed team of building and sales professionals combined with years of experience earned Shugart a lasting reputation for quality construction and customer experience.

In July 2019, Shugart Homes became part of Mungo Homes who, like Shugart, began as a family-owned and operated business so there was a natural alignment of company values, commitment to customer service, quality, innovative building and design, and community reinvestment.


  • Inspecting new and existing Shugart homes for 12 years, I often tell my clients that Shugart is one of the best builders in North Carolina. I observe fewer and less serious issues in Shugart construction. Shugart’s attention to detail and quality control is clearly evident in every home.

    Chris D. Hilton – Home Inspector

  • I really enjoyed my process of purchasing my home through Shugart Homes. The staff was so kind and helpful on all situations. The homes are built with excellent condition.

    Curtis Doe – Beeson Oaks Townhomes

  • We found the whole buying process was a joy. We found everyone at Shugart great to work with.

    Ronald Arthur – Beeson Oaks Townhomes

  • Everyone at Shugart was very helpful and responsive to our questions. Kay was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Barcey was terrific, responsive and very attentive to detail.

    Warren & Kathleen Delling – Beeson Oaks Townhomes

My family and I have so much enjoyed living in the Burgreen Farms and Village Community. It was one of the best decisions of our lives to purchase a house here. We met good neighbors and the schools are really awesome. My kids love them. Mungo Homes staff has been very kind and helpful throughout the whole process of building a new house. I definitively give a five star.

Burgreen Farms, Huntsvill, AL