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Developed exclusively by Mungo Homes, hauSmart quickly became the standard in new home construction, and other builders quickly followed with their own versions. hauSmart, which lead to Mungo's recognition as the 2012 National Green Advocate of the Year, ensures that your new home is built to the strictest standards of energy-efficiency using the latest materials and construction techniques, so that your home is more affordable to operate and comfortable to live in.

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R-38 Attic Insulation (R-50 in Raleigh)
Increased insulation means increased energy efficiency and savings.


Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing: This protective, reflective layer increases home energy efficiency and alleviates extreme attic temperatures by reflecting heat out of the attic.


Advanced Framing Techniques Allows for improved insulation methods, which reduces heat transfer and lowers energy costs.


Carriage Lights at Garage

Increases curb appeal of your home.


Upscale Handle Set on Front Door

Makes an impressive statement at the entry to your home.


Air Barriers and Air Sealing

Isolates living areas from fumes & contaminants.


Tankless Water Heater

Provides greater energy efficiency and provides endless hot water. Standard in Natural Gas communities.


Efficient HVAC System

Your HVAC system is designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. Every home is independently tested by a 3rd party to ensure installation meets rigorous design standards.


Unique HERS Rating

A HERS rating evaluates a home's energy efficiency and expected energy costs. On the HERS scale, lower numbers are better. Typical new homes merit a rating of 100. Energy efficient hauSmart homes feature much lower ratings.


Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology

The Sentricon System provides a "ring of protection" against termites without injecting chemicals into the ground so there's no harm to you or the environment. Bait stations are accessed outside the home where there's no disruption to you, your home, lawn or landscaping.


Low Formaldehyde Cabinets

Provides healthier indoor air quality.


Energy Star Appliances


Enhanced Appliance Package & Kitchen Cabinetry

Enjoy the look of a gourmet kitchen with upscale appliances and custom-look kitchen cabinetry with varied heights & large crown molding.


Super Cabinet Under Kitchen Sink

Reduce clutter under your kitchen sink with this convenient storage solution.


Water-Saver Faucets

Conserve water without sacrificing function.


Natural gas appliances where applicable


Low VOC Paint


Low VOC Carpet


Insulated, Tilt-Out Windows


CFL Bulbs


Drawer Stack (per plan)


Comfort-height Counters


Framed Mirrors (Not available in NC)


Low-flow Faucet


Energy Efficiency

Lowering energy costs relieves pressure on your family budget, conserves resources, and fosters a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s easy to see just how much you can save with a hauSmart home.

The Mungo Performance Guide (MPG)

You would't buy a new car without knowing the average miles per gallon or the annual fuel cost. Similarly, you should't buy a new home without knowing the energy-efficiency. Look for the Mungo Performance Guide (MPG) posted in every hauSmart home—typically found on the panel box located in the garage or laundry room. The MPG is unique to every hauSmart home, and includes both a HERS rating and Average Annual Energy Savings.

A. HERS Rating

The HERS (Home Energy Rating Systems) rating provides a standardized evaluation of a home's energy efficiency and average energy savings. On the HERS scale—just like a golf score—lower numbers are better. While a typical new code-built home merits a HERS rating of 100, energy efficient hauSmart homes feature much lower ratings, and therefore, more energy savings. Savings over a used home are even higher!

Looking at the example above: Because of our construction techniques and energy-efficient building materials, this home rates an excellent 66. That means that it is 34% more efficient than other new code-built homes and even more efficient than a used home.

B. Average Annual Savings

This number represents the estimated annual energy savings for a hauSmart home when compared to a new code-built home. Savings compared to older, used homes are much higher. Actual energy savings will vary depending on individual usage habits, number of residents in the home, and fluctuation in rates by your utility company.

C. Address

Each and every new home is tested by an independent third-party inspector. The HERS rating and Average Annual Energy Savings are unique for each hauSmart home.

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