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March 8, 2021

Mungo Homes Columbia Receives 32nd Annual REGAL Awards

A virtual event to celebrate "Real Estates Greatest Achievers & Leaders" in the Columbia area hosted by the BIA and SMC was held March 4th, 2021. We are pleased to announce that we were honored with multiple awards in various categories. The following was awarded for best performance in 2020. 

Best Special Promotion | "Not a SnoBall's Chance" 

Best Use of Social Media (Builder Category)

Best Radio Commercial | Shelter in Place

Best Overall Advertising Campaign

Best Interior Merchandising $200,000 - $275,000  | The Kershaw

Best Product Design


  • 1801-2200 Sq. Ft. Production Builder:  Mungo Homes - The Kershaw
  • 2201-2600 Sq. Ft. Production Builder: Mungo Homes - The Palmer C
  • 2601-3000 Sq. Ft. Production Builder: Mungo Homes - The Campbell
  • 3001-3500 Sq. Ft. Production Builder: Mungo Homes - The Warwick
  • Over 3500 Sq. Ft. Production Builder: Mungo Homes - The McKenna


  • Under 1500 Sq. Ft. Production Builder: Mungo Homes - The Wilder II

Marketing Professional of the Year | Kim O'Quinn, Mungo Homes

Internet Leads Specialist of the Year | Tiffany Fox, Mungo Home

Sales Executive Rookie of the Year
 | Katie Ruonala, Mungo Homes

Sales Executive of the Year | $300,000-$350,000 - Diane Jones

Community of the Year, Single Community | Bluefield

SMC Regal Circle Agent Awards

Over 1 Million

  • Chase Burley
  • Allyson Adams

Over 2 million

  • Mary Wilson

Over 3 million

  • Sheena Faust

Over 4 million

  • Katie Ruonala
  • Susie Ray Williams

Over 5 million

  • Allison Page
  • Christina Myers

Over 6 million

  • Rachel Tison Lovaas
  • Chuck Lawrence

Over 7 million

  • Lindsay Small
  • Elizabeth Burnett
  • Annette Lambert
  • John Coleman

Over 8 million

  • David Luther

Over 10 million

  • Jamie Boney

Over 11 million

  • Joey Hardee

Over 16 million

  • Diane Jones

Regal Top 10 Builders

1. Mungo Homes

SMC Regal Circle Sales Manager Awards

Chris Inabinet & Amanda Ball

Click here to read the 31st Annual REGAL Awards

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