Prep Your Home to Sell

  1. Clean everything! -- Pay particular attention to kitchens and baths. Don’t forget light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  2. Clear out ALL clutter -- Rooms and closets will show better and feel larger. Organize the basement and attic. Pack up, donate or sell anything not being used.
  3. Light -- Better lighting will allow the rooms to appear brighter, larger, & warmer. Use 100 watt bulbs and leave all lights turned on.  Open all curtains, shades or blinds when showing a house.
  4. Touch up paint – To cover the smell of fresh paint, which may be offensive to some people, use water based latex paint and mix in 3 drops of REAL vanilla extract with each gallon. With most paint brands, this will neutralize 90% of the paint smell. Check with the paint manufacture for best results.
  5. Another Scenting Secret -- Do not use a lot of air fresheners or perfumes. Instead simply place one drop of vanilla extract on a hot light bulb before your agent shows the house.
  6. Curb appeal -- Make sure that the exterior is in good shape. This includes, paint, siding, windows, shutters, fixtures, and most important the front landscaping.  Wash windows, give the front door a fresh coat of paint, blow leaves from sidewalks.
  7. Look Up -- Don't forget the ceilings: fix any cracks or imperfections, and repaint if necessary. If a buyer sees a water stain, it will be assumed that there is a problem with the roof, even if it has been repaired. Wipe cobwebs out of the corners, and leave ceiling fans running on low.
  8. Last Run Through -- Each time someone is going to look at your home make a quick run through your home and think about anything that you might have neglected, just use common sense. 
  9. Go away -- Many Realtors and potential buyers would prefer that the seller not be present during a showing, to avoid limiting the buyers' conversation or making them uncomfortable. Children and pets should also be absent or out of the buyers' way during a showing, if at all possible.