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Mungo Difference

Michael J. Mungo started building homes in the Columbia, South Carolina area in 1954, and, still today, the Mungo family is involved in the day to day operations of the new home building business. Many of our employees live and play in the communities where we build so you’re likely to bump into us at the grocery store, a football game, or the gym, and we take care of you just as well after the close as during the buying process. In late 2018, Mungo Homes proudly became part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies; and, still family run, Mungo Homes remains committed to the quality and innovation that has led to our success since 1954!

A Family Business

It's not just about selling homes and making money. It's about the people that work here; it's about taking care of one another; it's about family. Steven Mungo says, "we believe that family and faith come before work."

Community Involvement

Company founder Michael J. Mungo came from humble beginnings so, once successful, he established a legacy of giving back to the very community responsible for that success. Today, the Mungo family carries on that tradition and is a leader in the community giving millions of dollars to support our military efforts, education, and, most especially, human needs organizations such as housing, healthcare and feeding the hungry. In addition, land has been donated for schools, churches, and parks and recreation facilities.


While it is the joy on the face of a first time homeowner that brings us the most pleasure, we are proud of the awards and recognition received over the years. In addition to the hundreds of awards for great home designs, excellent customer service, and creative marketing efforts, there are a few awards that have truly set us apart from other builders – both national and privately-owned.

In 2012, Builder magazine named Mungo Homes America’s Best Builder for overall achievement in housing and excellence in design, quality construction, customer service, community/industry support, marketing, and finance/operations. There were four winners for 2012, based on number of closings; and Mungo Homes was selected as America’s Best Builder in the category with the highest number of closings. This award is the highest honor a homebuilder can receive.


Over the years, just as the National economy has weathered recessions and down turns, so has the housing industry. And while both national and local builders have come and gone, Mungo Homes has weathered the economic storms better than most —–not only surviving during tough times, but instead growing and now building in markets in four states across the Southeast.

Mungo’s financial stability, in part, stems from being a family business with the founder’s sons at the helm who remain involved on a daily basis, carefully managing land investments, monitoring what buyers want, leading industry innovation, and assembling the best staff.


Mungo Homes was also recognized as the 2012 National Green Advocate of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders for our innovative hauSmart program, which ensures that each home we build is healthier for the homeowner and the environment, includes energy and money-saving components, as well as many convenience features to make life more enjoyable. The hauSmart program is exclusive to Mungo, and one of the first of its kind developed by any builder.

In 2008, Mungo Homes was awarded the National Housing Quality Award, another one of home building industry’s highest recognitions for quality achievement and operational excellence. Mungo is the only South Carolina-based builder ever recognized with this achievement.

Mungo has also been an annual recipient of the Builder of Integrity Award, given by Quality Builders Warranty Corporation. The award acknowledges a commitment to excellence in customer service and quality construction.

My appointment went great! I had 2 appointments that day. The first was with [a competitor.] After that appointment, I was telling myself that there was no way I was moving to Georgia from Texas For This. I felt a little dejected. But after having my afternoon appointment with Misty, all was right with the world again. I know I will love my new home!

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