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How Our Online Sales Consultants Make It Easy to Find Your Next Home

April 26, 2021

At Mungo Homes, we pride ourselves on the customer experience—ensuring that every person interested in buying one of our homes receives the highest level of attention, service and care from our staff. Online sales consultants, or OSCs, are often the first interaction potential buyers have with us. Their role is extremely important, and we’re thrilled to have such a talented team of them. To learn a bit more about their expertise and what a day in the life of an OSC looks like, read on for a question-and-answer session we did with one of our lead online sales consultants. 

What do your daily responsibilities entail? 

As online sales consultants, our top priority is to provide prompt and detailed follow-ups to requests from potential homebuyers. We receive inquiries at all hours of the day, and we work to respond quickly with the information to best answer their questions and aid in their new-construction home search. The ultimate goal is to work to provide potential customers with enough information to determine a community and home fit, then facilitate a virtual or in-person appointment with a new home advisor. 

Additionally, we nurture and create VIP lists for communities on the horizon. We stay in contact with people who are interested and help keep them updated on construction updates and community openings. 

All in all, it is our job to provide an excellent experience for all potential customers and find them a home that they’ll love in a community they’re excited to be a part of. We comb through the leads we get from our website and marketing efforts, then talk to the interested buyers to learn more about their wants and needs in a home. We’re available seven days a week, allowing us to cater to every customer. 

What is your favorite part of the job? How about the most rewarding? 

My favorite part of this job is also the most rewarding—helping people find their perfect home! Home means many things to many people, but I think two words we can use to describe the feeling of homeownership are safety and pride. It’s such an honor to be a small part of a big decision in a person’s life. 

What personality traits do you need to be a successful online sales consultant? 

I think the most important personality traits for this role are kindness, determination and organization. To know that a person is making one of the largest decisions of their lives, it is imperative to approach everything with care—the process can be extremely overwhelming for most people, and a little help to relieve stress goes a long way. Determination and organization are vital because every experience is different. For some buyers, making their decision will take weeks, and for others it takes months or even years. We have to work to continue nurturing the relationship with interested buyers, continue giving updates and answer questions along the way. 

How do online sales consultants work with other departments or team members to create the best possible experience for customers? 

OSCs constantly work with many different departments to create a seamless experience for our customers. We are closely tied with the marketing department to create user-engagement content and identify trends in buyer behavior. We work with land development to stay up-to-date on upcoming communities and phases. We work alongside our sales teams every day to ensure that customers are well taken care of at every stage of the buying process—from start to finish. 

How has the pandemic affected your role? What is something OSCs learned in the past year that you’d like to carry forward for years to come? 

The pandemic drastically changed the game for the online sales team over the last year. With so much going virtual to reduce face-to-face interactions for the health and safety of everyone involved, our team adapted quickly to the changing environment. We worked to optimize virtual appointments, virtual tours and online documentation activities. I truly believe the rapid shift and adapting to new challenges allowed us to not only meet our goals, but exceed them—I don’t think anyone expected to achieve this back when everything started changing. Knowing that we were doing our best to help interested buyers who were also going through a lot really changed the game on what it meant to provide great customer service. It also encouraged personal growth individually and as a team. 

As for the coming years, I believe we’ll continue with the same tenacity we gained during this time. Flexible appointment options will continue to aid in the success of homebuying during ever-changing circumstances, and will help meet the needs of every buyer—from out-of-state buyers to those vying for the ease of purchasing a new home virtually. 

What is Mungo Homes doing to set themselves apart from competitors? How does your role contribute to that differentiation? 

The time, attention, quality of build and desire for exceptional customer experience sets us apart. Mungo Homes truly cares about the customer, the product we provide and the overall satisfaction of our customers, employees, construction partners and realtor partners. 

The online team is able to provide quick responses in a fast-paced world. A good first impression always helps to shape the overall opinion of an organization, and that is something we take very seriously and have great pride in. 

How can I start the process of buying a Mungo home? 

After browsing our floor plans and communities throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, contact us for quick answers about our new homes. An online sales consultant will help you kick off the process and forge the best path to homeownership for every customer.  

Jason was a great builder. If I ever build a house again, I would want him to be my builder. He is extremely detail oriented, always honest, and always willing to answer questions/help. When tropical hurricane/storm Irma was approaching (this was a few weeks after I moved in), he reached out to make sure I knew how to install my storm shutters and offered to stop by if I had questions.

Brownswood Village, Charleston, SC