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October 10, 2022

Getting Creative With Your Mungo Home: Admiring Some Unique Designs From Our Homeowners

creative bedroom, living room, bathroom by mungo homeowners

At Mungo Homes, we take pride in providing high-quality, carefully-crafted homes in remarkable communities throughout the great states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia—and we love to see our homeowners personalize their homes into what they’ve always dreamed of. From trendy walls and unique decor to DIY projects and incredible personalizations—we wanted to highlight some of our homeowners' one-of-a-kind, elevated designs to give you a glimpse of all of the possibilities when you buy a Mungo home. 

A spruced-up laundry room

We’ve all seen the amazing trend of hand-painted, abstract wall art—but our homeowner Ashton Brye (@ashton.creates) certainly took it to the next level in her laundry room. Incorporating hues of brown, beige, black and gray with angular circles and elegant leaf designs—this DIY wall art undoubtedly makes laundry day easier to tackle. Patterns, shapes and colors come to life in a visionary way in her Instagram reel, writing “I had SO much fun painting this one, it was the perfect way to reset and do something creative without expectations.” It's safe to say that Ashton had a great time channeling her inner artist in her spacious Mungo laundry room—and we couldn’t be more impressed with her flawless design. View Ashton’s innovative design in her reel on Instagram

A Mungo wonderland

If you find your dog not using your indoor pet pad in your Mungo Home—an indoor dog house offered in select floor plans—the small space can also serve as a fantastic hideaway for the kids in the family. Mungo homeowner Alexandria Yarborough (@alexandriayarborough) used impressive originality and imagination when modifying the pet pad for her daughter—drawing inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and decorating the inside in a charming, expressive way. With checkered floors, mismatched walls and designs that boast uncanny resemblance to the film—her daughter certainly feels like she’s in wonderland when spending time in the pet pad. “Delaney used the indoor dog house more than the pups so I made it into her own wonderland! She hasn’t seen it yet; can’t wait to surprise her tonight!” See Alexandria’s remarkable pet pad design on Instagram

A transformative dining room

A dining room is a great part of your Mungo home for formal gatherings and high-quality family time—and it can also serve as an additional living for more casual, laid-back home design. Mungo homeowner Emily Woods (@emilywoodsathome) decided to change up her formal dining room into an additional living space, writing, “Who else is like me and once you get an idea in your head you just have to go for it no matter what else is going on?? I decided that I NEEDED to change our dining room into a sitting room today instead of packing for our upcoming trip. I gotta say though—no regrets!! This is my favorite room in the house and it rarely got used as a formal dining room—I’m so excited to use it as a living space.” With calming colors of blue, tan and ivory and soft textures combined with the paneled ceiling, beautiful windows and wood floors—this dining-turned-living room exudes feelings of relaxation, comfort and serenity.  See the gorgeous transformation that Emily made to her dining room on Instagram

An enhanced bathroom 

Since bathrooms are such personal spaces, it’s great to add a particular design or style that you’re drawn to—and our homeowner Crystal Martin (@crystalmartinstyle) knows how to add even more appeal to her Mungo bathroom. Using a few tools, some paint and her creative imagination, Crystal was able to make her vision come to life with short brush strokes on the upper half of the wall and solid paint on the bottom to give it a sophisticated, texturized look. “I’ve wanted to give our boys’ bathroom an accent wall since we moved in over 6 months ago. I searched high and low for wallpaper with just the right vibe and always fell in love with the irregular hand-painted look. Not wanting to spend $1K on wallpaper, I finally trusted myself! A can of paint and a couple of sponges later, the bathroom has a subtle accent wall, and I did it myself. Oh, and I changed the vanity light too!” See Crystal’s phenomenal DIY wall in her reel on Instagram

Make your move today

Our team at Mungo Homes loves to see our homeowners get creative and utilize their space in an innovative, expressive way. With over 60 years of experience and an array of functional floor plans with incredible designs for you to choose from—you’ll have no problem creating the home you’ve always envisioned with Mungo Homes, both inside and out. 

When you’re ready to make your dream home vision come to life, be sure to browse through our homes for sale in the community that exceeds your expectations, and don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (803) 832 - 4933 or contact us online at any time. 

If you have a fun design that you created in your Mungo home, be sure to share it on social media and tag @mungohomes! 

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