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Spending the holidays in your home

November 16, 2020

After an unpredictable year, you might be looking forward to the holiday season more than ever. But with the precautions that must be taken during the global health pandemic, celebrations will most likely look a little different than in past years. Families have spent more time at home than ever, and the upcoming holiday season makes no exception. Whether you want to update old traditions or participate in brand new ones, Mungo Homes has a few ideas to help make the most of your family’s festivities from the comfort of your house. 

Take your decorations a step further

Decorating for the holidays is a great way to get your family in the holiday spirit—it also brings a sense of normalcy and joy that you may be in need of right now. Spread cheer throughout your home by going all out with the holiday trimmings. If you typically keep your decor in the main living spaces, this might be the year to extend to your kid’s room, the home office and even the basement. If you like for your main spaces to have a traditional holiday feel, perhaps lean toward funky or chic in other rooms you choose to decorate. Let your kids have a hand in selecting the decor for their rooms, even if it’s just a small table-top tree with ornaments and lights. They’ll enjoy getting to pick their own themes and you’ll help create lasting memories with them. To add some extra coziness to your home, consider investing in winter or holiday-themed accessories like throw pillows and blankets in festive colors and patterns. That way, even once the holidays have ended, you’ll still get to experience the joy they bring to your family and to your home. 

Stay connected with friends and family

One of the hardest things about the upcoming holiday season may be missing out on spending time with loved ones. Many families and friends will still gather, but there are certain limitations that will keep you from seeing everyone you want to. While you may be sick of online video calls due to working or learning from home, distant friends and family will appreciate a call to catch up and feel connected during the holidays. There are many holiday activities that you can do over video calls, and your loved ones will appreciate being included. Watch your favorite seasonal film, open presents and even enjoy a meal together, virtually. It might seem cheesy, but it will help bring people together who can’t actually be near. 

Find fun ways to involve your kids 

One of the benefits (okay—and maybe stressors) of 2020 has been the additional time families have spent together. As you prepare for the holidays with your kids close by, it’s a great opportunity to involve them in the process of holiday baking, decorating and more. Have them join in on putting up the tree, and talk to them about family traditions and the decorating process. Let them be your sous chef in the kitchen, even if they’re just helping wash potatoes or crack the eggs for your favorite holiday recipes. Let them have a say in table settings and centerpiece ideas. You may even be able to trick them into some helpful cleaning and organizing. No matter how you involve them, it will create memories they’ll always remember and maybe even start a new tradition. 

Make sure you’re in the right home for the holidays 

As you spend additional time at home, you may realize that it doesn’t quite meet your family’s needs as it used to. Whether you need more space or are simply desiring a change of scenery, Mungo Homes can help you find the perfect house to spend your holidays in. Browse our move-in ready homes in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia or select one of our floor plans to build in an expertly designed neighborhood. Contact us today to get started. 

As I move close to my closing, I wanted to provide a special mention about Lindsay Small (property manager.) I wanted to let you know that we were working with Lindsay Small and appreciate her support throughout the purchase and build process. She was very patient with us and always worked with us based on our interests. She made our first home buying experience a memorable one.Lindsay is the only reason I chose Mungo and her effort was truly commendable.

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